How To: Cut a mango for mango salsa

Cut a mango for mango salsa

The user "MJenks13"(Susan) from Youtube shows an easy trick that you can use to cut a mango for a delicious Fruit Salsa. You will need a mango fruit and a knife. It's ideal that the mango is ripe, so that it has a stronger flavor and the pulp is easy to cut. Mango fruits have a long flat seed in the center. Hold the mango vertically keeping the stem upwards and then cut a slice of mango along the length of the fruit. Do not cut from the middle, but a little to the side of the stem, so you don't cut into the seed. Then you are left with 3 parts. Hold each resulting slice flesh-side up and use the knife to cut a criss-cross pattern into the flesh. Do not cut through the skin. After that, bend the skin inwards and scoop the pulp with a spoon into the salsa bowl. And that is how you can cut a Mango for a Mango Salsa.

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