Forum Thread: How to Peel a Banana Like a Monkey

Eating fruit and vegetables (vegan food) is very healthy. Part of the healthy procedure for the vegan food is also the obtaining it and eating it as fresh as possible and raw (unprocessed). Making the consumption of food a rare ritual will get your figure slim, make you feel better and care less about food and more about living.

Step 1: Obtain as Fresh Bananas as Possible.

Your best bet to purchase fresh bananas are farmers' markets. Usually the bananas are picked green then processed with special gas or just placed in warm to get yellow (mature enough for eating). If you can find green bananas and wait for yourself for them to get yellow will make you sure they are not contaminated with growing gas. Avoid supermarket and shops where everyone can touch the bananas and contaminate them.

Step 2: Pick a Fresh Banana and Peel It from the Opposite Side of the Stalk.

Follow this video for the proper way

Step 3: Enjoy the Food, but Only When You Are Hungry.

Bananas are delicious, but if you are not hungry it makes no sense to eat them more and more. Better go outside and enjoy the nature. If you need sugar, eat one banana and that's it. Even one banana contains enough energy to keep you going for hours. Then peel and eat another one and another one. The fresh bananas are raw food, which means they take time to absorb in the body. Don't eat banana shakes, banana cakes or any other banana dish that contains additional, sometimes not so healthy ingredients and calories. Raw bananas contain enough for the everyone's body, so why it shall not contain for yours? If you keep on going on bananas and peel them by yourself, you will be always skinny and healthy. Have a good and healthy day.

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Interesting video. But I'd still prefer peeling the banana the way I am used to.

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