How To: Open up a coconut in three different ways

Open up a coconut in three different ways

This video is presented by Coco Joe from CocoJoesCoconuts. The video starts by demonstrating the technique for getting the coconut water from young coconuts. Coco Joe first uses a coconut opening tool by inserting it into the top part of the coconut and prying off the very top of the coconut. Next, he inserts the coconut opening tool directly into the top of the coconut resulting in a nice round opening. Joe then demonstrates the same technique with a 3 inch pocketknife. Finally, Joe demonstrates how to open a coconut with a meat cleaver or a machete. He first cuts the flowering end down a bit so that the coconut will sit flat. He then makes small cuts all the way around the opposite end down to the shell. Once at the shell, use the cleaver or machete to make numerous cuts around the very top of the shell, it will then crack open and you will have access to the coconut milk and coconut meat.

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