How To: Cut a pomegranate open

Cut a pomegranate open

Ever wanted to enjoy the sweet taste of pomegranate but were confused about how to actually get to the fruit? Use this simple method to cut open your fruit. Take a small, sharp knife such as a paring knife or pocketknife. Slice a thin round off the top, stem end. This will leave several tops of fruit sections visible. Cut a small cone shape out of the center about 3/4 of an inch deep. Use the knife to slice from one end of the fruit to the other along the white pith dividing the segments of the fruit. Using your thumbs, break apart the segments from the stem end. The pieces of pith which come off can be thrown away, and the tasty seeds easily popped out and eaten. Now you can easily enjoy the sweet pomegranate seeds without the fuss and mess.

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