How To: Detect the freshness of a mango

Detect the freshness of a mango

The 'Mango' is a favorite fruit for most of us, undoubtedly. However, choosing the right mango is of utmost importance, if one wants to savor its taste to the best! This video shows how to check for the freshness and choose the right mango. Always pick up a mango which is reddish or pinkish all way round. It may have a patch of sunset yellow but certainly not green. It should feel soft when gently pressed. Most importantly, it should smell sweet like candy, especially at the base of the stem portion, where the fruit is attached. If the stem is firm, it means the fruit is fresh. To cut the mango, slice it as close as possible, to the pip. Make vertical and horizontal cuts on the slice and push the skin upwards to display the cubes. These can then be cut with a knife or fork and consumed. If you don't have the patience, simply slice the mango, slice the skin off and consume the juicy pulp. Either way, it sure does make for a yummy treat!

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