How To: Eat a kumquat

Eat a kumquat

Have an itch for a kumquat? Don't know what a kumquat is? It's a fruit. Venture out of of your everyday apple, and follow these steps to impress your friends with your knowledge of this funnily named fruit.

You Will Need:
• Water
• A kumquat
• An appetite

Step 1: Wash and pull off stem pieces
Wash the kumquat and pull off any stem pieces that remain on the fruit.

Step 2: Roll between fingers
Roll the kumquat between your fingers to release its essential oils.

Step 3: Pop in your mouth and chew
Pop it in your mouth and chew, skin and all.

Step 4: Spit or swallow the seeds
Spit out or swallow the seeds.

Trivia: Kumquats are a symbol of prosperity in China and are a main staple during Lunar New Year celebrations.

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