How To: Freeze apples

Freeze apples

Freezing is a great way to preserve the nutrients and lengthen shelf-life of food. No need to waste extra apples from the fall. Freeze your apples to be used in a variety of ways at the date of your choosing.

Freeze apples to pack the freshness of autumn into your homemade pies and other tasty delights all year long.

You Will Need

* Coring tool
* Peeler
* Kitchen knife
* Bowl
* Vitamin C
* Freezer containers or bags
* Marker

Step 1: Gather apples

Make sure your apples are ripe, without blemishes, and of good quality.

Use apple varieties suggested for baking to get the best results.

Step 2: Wash, core, and peel apples

Wash the apples to remove any pesticide residue and dirt, and then remove their skins and core them.

Step 3: Cut the apples

Quarter the apples, or slice them into about 12 pieces per medium-sized apple. Apples may also be frozen whole.

Step 4: Prevent discoloration

Prevent discoloration by tossing the apples in a mixture of 1,500 milligrams vitamin C and 3 tablespoons water.

Test freeze several varieties before preparing a large batch so you can learn which variety suits your taste.

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