How To: Make the Japanese dessert fruit cream anmitsu

Make the Japanese dessert fruit cream anmitsu

Fruit cream anmitsu is a delicious Japanese dessert foreign to most Western tongues. In this video, you will earn how to make it at home from scratch. Make sure there is an Asian grocery store near your house, as it requires a number of ingredients not stocked in most Western supermarkets.


Packaged Kanten - Agar Powder (4g / 0.141 oz)
500ml Water (2.11 us cup)

- Kuromitsu -
1 tbsp Mizuame - Thick Starch Syrup
100g Kurozato - Muscovado or Unrefined Brown Sugar (3.53 oz)
70ml Water (2.37 fl oz)

- Gyuhi -
30g Shiratamako - Glutinous Rice Flour (1.06 oz)
50g Sugar (1.76 oz)
60ml Water
Potato Starch

3 Strawberries
3 Navel Orange wedges
3 tbsp Anko - Sweet Red Bean Paste
3 scoops of Matcha Ice Cream
20-30 Boiled Aka Endomame - Red Endo Beans

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