How To: Make plantain empanadas

Make plantain empanadas

If you like empanadas, then this plantain version is sure to hit your recipe box. Fried foods aren't generally good for you, but you can't exactly not fry empanadas. And don't try to substitute bananas for the plantains. Otherwise those would be banana empanadas and not plantain empanadas!

From how2heroes:

"The only significant amount of time you'll spend making these empanadas is the hour it takes to boil the plantains. After that, they're quickly transformed into a fantastic dough for a cheese filling. Tu Y Yo Mexican Cuisine owner Epigemio Guzman offers instruction while Chef Adolfo Alvarado easily demonstrates the process. Get creative with different types of cheese and fillings. Two minutes to cook, and they're ready to plate with salsa or sour cream on the side."


Makes 2 empanadas (1 serving)

* 1 ripe plantain (ends trimmed), cut into 3 pieces each
* water for boiling plantain
* 1 tbsp of salt
* oil for hands (to prevent sticking)
* 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese or favorite cheese, divided
* oil for frying (corn or vegetable oil)

Optional Garnishes

* sour cream
* grated Parmesan cheese
* dried cilantro

Special Equipment

* mortar & pestle or food processor
* tortilla press
* plastic wrap for lining tortilla press
* paper towels


Fry & Serve Empanadas

1. Heat oil to 350º over medium-high heat and fry empanadas 1 minute per side, until dark brown all over
2. Remove and drain on paper towels
3. Serve alone, or with sour cream, grated cheese and a sprinkle of dried cilantro

Make plantain empanadas

Make plantain empanadas Click through to watch this video on

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