How To: Bake walnut stuffed figs with honey and wine

Bake walnut stuffed figs with honey and wine

Here is a cooking how-to video showing how to stuff fresh figs with walnuts to bake with honey and wine. This sweet figs can be served as a dessert with mascarpone on the side or with cheese. Follow along to learn how to make walnut stuffed figs with honey and wine.

Ingredients for walnut stuffed figs:

3 figs
A squeeze of honey
A good splash of white wine
3 walnuts

1. Cut a slit in the side of each of the figs (making sure not to pierce right through) and insert a walnut in each.
2. Put the figs on a baking dish, drizzle on a good squeeze of honey so the figs are coated and glossy and there is a little pool of honey on the bottom of the dish. Splash on white wine (we used a Reuilly but you can use any dry white wine or even a dessert wine). Bake in a medium oven (200º Centigrade/350º Fahrenheit/Gas Mark 4) for 10-15 minutes or until the figs are soft. Serve as part of a cheese course or offer a bowl of mascarpone or fromage frais to eat with.

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