How To: Make edible fruit bouquets and arrangements

Make edible fruit bouquets and arrangements

This video demonstrates how to make edible fruit bouquets and arrangements. you can use any fruit and chocolate. Start with a ceramic base. Also, you'll need a Styrofoam ball about 2 inches larger than the base, a hot glue gun, flower shaped cookie cutters, a pack of toothpicks, wire cutters. The video demonstration plans a layer of dates, topped by a layer of chocolate truffles, pineapple and then apricots. Begin by placing artificial leaves to the base, gluing them on. Then hot glue the Styrofoam ball on top of the leaves. Next, take your dried pineapple and cut it with the flower shaped cookie cutter. You can also cut out kiwi and apricots. Dip some of the fruit flowers into chocolate. Impale the dates with the toothpicks and attach to the Styrofoam. Layer fruit and chocolate to the top of the ball with toothpicks. Then add artificial flowers at the top. You have an edible arrangement.

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