How To: Cut a yummy pineapple in two ways

Cut a yummy pineapple in two ways

Maxine from Chew on That demonstrates how to cut a pineapple. You will need a cutting board, a serrated knife, and a vegetable peeler. A pineapple can be cut into either rings or chunks and there is a slightly different method for each one.

First you need to remove the stem. You can either twist it or just chop it off with a knife. Then cut about a half inch off the bottom. Set the pineapple on end and start slicing down the sides all the way around. The serrated knife is very important for this. Use the vegetable peeler to scoop out the little "eyes" that are left.

To cut rings, slice the pineapple into about one inch pieces. Then cut around the core in the middle of each piece and remove it. If you want chunks, slice all around the core and discard it, then cut the pineapple into bite size pieces.

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